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CLVH is a creative communication studio, founded by artist and designer, Cecilia Humphrey. Evolving since 2011, the studio was born from Cecilia's experience in art and design with her passion for education and social justice. The studio's expertise is in interpreting information with typically specialised or exclusive audiences into relatable human stories and art with the intention of democratising information and increasing public awareness and education. Fields of interest for creative communication include social justice and human rights, science, philosophy and current affairs.

With an Advanced Bachelor of Arts from the University of Sydney, majoring in Art History & Theory, Spanish Language, Culture and Translation with Anthropology and Philosophy, Cecilia went on to complete her Master of Design at UNSW College of Fine Arts. 

Her professional experience in design and marketing, working with clients on cohesive design projects and brand identities with graphic, interior and web design, lends itself to CLVH studio's relationship with clients, where an emphasis is placed on first understanding our clients' stories then articulating those stories to their audiences. 

By democratising information and ideas with limited or exclusive audiences by developing projects that creatively transform concepts into human stories we hope to extend knowledge through understanding and compassion. 





communicating with art + design.

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